- Upload and select photo - Users can now upload their own photo, and select which photo they want to be seen in the system


- Revert page - Thanks to Norman Xin for adding page revert


- Reorder assignments - Thanks to team bug (Edward Akoto, Shama Hoque, Lydian Lee, Clyde Li)


- Multiple editors warning - Now, thanks to Team Number Crunchers, mulitple editors working on the same page is prevented until a certain period of inactivity passes


- Suggest new page -- thanks to team Number Crunchers (Minh Pham, Jason Leng, Mike Vrooman, Brian Bailey) and team Procrastination (Morgan Brown, Gio Perez, Victor Marmol, Sion Chaudhuri) for the code that suggests a new page when the user tries to access one that doesn't exist.


- Autosave Peer Evaluation -- thanks to team Number Crunchers (Minh Pham, Jason Leng, Mike Vrooman, Brian Bailey) for creating the code that does an auto-save when the user is filling in a peer evaluation.

1/1/2013 - Grade Book -- thanks to team Leopard (Lydian Lee, Kate Liu, Prabhjot Singh) and team 3 Amigos (Madhok Shivaratre, Owen Chu, David Liu) for implementing the gradebook functionality.

1/1/2013 - New People SearchThanks to Team Ramrod (Kaushik Gopal, Edward Akoto, Zhipeng Li, David Pfeffer) for providing a complete rewrite for the people search and user profile pages. The new user interface is gorgeous. The pull request was extremely easy to integrate.


- -- thanks to Team Procrastinators (Morgan Brown, Gio Perez, Victor Marmol, Sion Chaudhuri) for adding in unescaped fields for HTML output in lib/HUB_class_roster_handler.rb's roster_change_message.

11/22/2012 - Edit Presentation Feedback -- thanks to Team Bean Counters (Craig Hokanson, Tim Zaitsev, James Ricks). Now you can edit presentation feedback you just saved.

5/1/2012 - HUB integration -- thanks to Isak Sky and some love from Todd, we are able to take HUB course registration and

3/15/2012 - Bug fixes -- thanks to team Dante's Peak for fixing some of the Academic Calendar issues and team Unstoppable for fixing twiki css and potential person issues.

1/24/2012 - Page attachments -- thanks to Isak Sky and team Gandalf IRL for allowing us to attach files to the curriculum pages.

12/1/2011 - Better print pages -- thanks to Mag Lev for fixing the print page and print teams bugs

11/29/2011 - Faster Tests -- thanks to Unstoppable for speeding up slow tests

11/10/2011 - New Tests -- thanks for Airport 77, Gandalf IRL, Mavericks for providing excellent model and controller tests

5/11/2011 - Deliverables - Thanks to Team Super 8 for Deliverable Submission feature. We can now move off of MFSE (Story 1 Fall 2010).

4/19/2011 - Upload Profile Photo - Thanks to Team Veracity for allowing users to change their photo

4/15/2011 - Team Formation Helper - Thanks to Team Super8 for creating a helper that allows faculty to see who has been on which team in the past and exporting it out to csv. This is MFSE - Story 6 Fall 2010.

4/15/2011 - Edit Profile - Thanks to Team Super8 for polishing up the Edit Profile code from the MFSE (Story 11 Fall 2010).

4/1/2011 - Sponsored Project Research - Chris Jensen and Todd Sedano added code to make Hector's life a bit easier.

10/15/2010 - CMS prototype of curriculum website is now ready

9/30/2010 - Papers prototype of papers is now ready.

7/1/2010 - New production environment -- our move to Heroku happened around here

5/15/2010 - Auto create google and twiki accounts When a new user is created, the system can create a correspoinding email account and twiki account.

4/30/2010 - Thanks to Suresh Rajasekaran for writing code to see if a user is logging effort against the wrong courses.

4/1/2010 - Team Email Lists - are now created automatically - Thanks to Team Deming for providing this code in MfSE.

3/18/2010 - Mailing Lists - We can now see what Google Mailing Lists exist and who is on each one

3/14/2010 - Effort Logs can be created on Monday of the following week - Thanks to Team Crosby for providing this code in Mfse. Special thanks for providing all the test cases to verify that the code works properly.

3/2/2010 - My Teams (faculty view) - Thanks to Team Juran for providing this code in MfSE. Faculty can now easily see which teams they are teaching

2/23/2010 - My Teams - Thanks to Team Juran for providing this code in MfSE. Students can now easily see which teams they are on

2/5/2010 - Peer Evalution tool integrated!- Russel Reed wrote the initial version of the Peer Evaluation tool which allows faculty members to record student learning objectives. Student teams can do a 360 peer evaluation. Faculty can quickly see who hasn't done the evaluation. The tool also generates a draft report for each student. This entire process used to be very tedious for the faculty since we had to both setup Survey Monkey and manually generate the student reports.

12/31/2009 - Added in Team Deming code from MfSE for sorting courses. Special thanks to Evgueni Ratchev, Harish Suvarna, Gayatri Picha, Greg Hilton, and Andrew Retelle for making this possible.

12/16/2009 - RSS Integration - Any news articles published on are linked from the rails app's home page.

11/30/2009 - Integrated twiki user page into rails database. Started the process of moving user data from TWiki to rails database

10/26/2009 - Photo Book created

10/22/2009 - List all email addresses for a course (for Ron)

10/19/2009 - configured apache and mongrel to allow the browser to cache static content (ie images, javascript, css)

10/16/2009 - This project is now under continuous integration on a build machine!

10/7/2009 - Effort Logs - Faculty now get weekly reminders to check effort logs for their courses.

9/4/2009 - User Data - this project now has all the data fields found in the twiki application.

6/26/2009 - Curriculum Website Comments - Implemented feature suggested by Mania Orand.

5/22/2009 - Scotty Dog is born and sends his first email.

3/25/2009 - Tablesorter introducted for people data and course data.

2/3/2009 - Effort Log for faculty. Now faculty can dog food!

1/16/2009 - Suggestion Box for new features and bug fixes

9/30/2008 - Effort Reports

8/14/2008 - Andrew Id integration.

7/22/2008 - Effort Log for students.

7/1/2008 - project started